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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Posted by PicasaMy friend Merrilee, who lives in St. George, called the end of May and was wanting us to come and visit. So, since Katelyn had been officially on summer break for a week, we were craving a little get away trip, and decided to go for it. So the kids and I packed up the car on he 29th and made the 7hour trip to beautiful southern Utah. We only got to stay 3 days and it went by way too fast, but we had a great time. We went and walk a trail, did some shopping, and took the kids to a fun splash park. I also got to visit one of my favorite cousins, Ereka, who also lives in St. George (Ereka-It was truly unforgettable. I will never see a rabbit or a golf course again without thinking of you..HAHAHA!). Any way, it was see you again Merrilee and we miss you already!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can't believe Katelyn's year of kindergarten has come to an end. It went so fast and she has grown up so much. She really enjoyed Kindergarten and made many new friends, she also loved her teacher Mr. Johnson "Mr. J". Although the transition to school was somewhat difficult, as Katie adjusted to being gone all day and put to test her new found sense of independece, we sure are proud of all the accomplishments she has made and love her so much. Way to go Katelyn!!!

Here are a few pics from her Kindergarten graduation and end of school water party.

I also thought I would take a second to list some of Katelyns favorite things from this year:

1. Favorite activities-Ice skateing lessons, ballet class and swimming.
2. Favorite movies-Enchanted, barbie in the 12 dancing princesses, and Nihms island.

3. Favorite food-cheese pizza, butterfinger ice cream, and pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.

4. Favorite music-Hannah Montana, primary songs, and any song from the barbie or pincess movies.

5. favorite books-Any Junie B. Jones book, The wizard of OZ and Lillys purple plastic purse.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

One of my closest friends (Carrie) who lives in Utah, and her two little girls(Saige and Addison) decided to come and visit the first week of May- and we could not have been more excited. Carrie has come to see us almost every year since we moved to Glendale, she is such a great friend and we always have so much fun. The kids had a great time going swimming, playing in the "fort" they built under the dining room table, and going to the zoo. We also got a babysitter for the kids one day so we could have a girls day to ourselves to shop and go out to dinner-so fun! Carrie and I also got addicted to staying up late, after the kids were in bed, playing cranium Kabooki on the wii. Such great memories-love ya Carrie.Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 25, 2008

Katelyn was so excited to get a birthday party invitation from her little friend and classmate, Shayla. It was held at the Arista Curlz salon in our local mall, and I have to say it was one of the most fun and lavish parties she or I had ever been to. I sure hope Katelyn is not too let down when her birthday rolls around and it doesn't quite measure up to the grandeur of this one-oh well, that's life I guess. Any way- They started the party off by getting their nails, make-up, and hair done(complete with glitter spray and a crown-of course!). Next they all put on feather boas and sang karaoke to their favorite songs-sooo cute! Last, but not least, they had pizza, cake, and ice cream. They were then sent home with a bag full of treasures that I'm pretty sure cost more than the present we brought. It was such a fun experience for Katie and I know she will remember it for a long time.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Taking out the trash-LITERALLY!!!

I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids.......
I just had to repeat that to myself again, because just remembering this little incident has strirred up some not so loving feelings in me. On sunday (Brian was on call-of course) the kids wanted pancakes for breakfast. So when I was getting the stuff out to make them, I realized I had an outdated carton of eggs in the fridge. So I threw them in the garbage and finished making breakfast. About a half hour later when I was on the computer checking my e-mail Katelyn came in and informed me that Ethan had some eggs and was breaking them all over. Sure enough there was a trail of broken eggs leading from our garbage can to the kitchen floor, to the couch and finally ending on the carpet in the corner of our living room. Which was were I found Ethan standing with his head buried in the corner of the wall(which is where he goes when he knows he has done something very naughty). So to sum it up, me and my steam cleaner had a fun day of egg removal, while Ethan cried himself to sleep in his crib(I am feeling only slightly bad about that now). Oh the joys of having children!
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Don't let Daddy see!

So, this is Ethans new favorite toy for the moment. Yes, it's a purple, singing Ariel necklace and no, his mouth isn't open because he is smiling it's open because he's singing with it. As most of you know I do daycare in my home. Luckily for Katelyn I have had almost all girls since I started almost five years ago. Unfortunately for Ethan it means we don't have a lot of toy selection for boys. Poor thing doesn't really have much of a chance. I personally think it is adorable, I only wish I had it in video so you could hear him busting out the song.
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One of my best friends(Merrilee) and her two kids(Grace and Jack)who are in St. George, decided last minute to come and visit for a few days last week. Needless to say I couldn't be happier. It was so good to see her and the kiddos. We miss you guys so much. Here are a few pics I had of these little buddies(I love the one were Ethan has Jack in a hug/neck hold and Jack is just chillin out licking Ethan arm-Hilarious!). Posted by Picasa