Sunday, June 1, 2008

Posted by PicasaMy friend Merrilee, who lives in St. George, called the end of May and was wanting us to come and visit. So, since Katelyn had been officially on summer break for a week, we were craving a little get away trip, and decided to go for it. So the kids and I packed up the car on he 29th and made the 7hour trip to beautiful southern Utah. We only got to stay 3 days and it went by way too fast, but we had a great time. We went and walk a trail, did some shopping, and took the kids to a fun splash park. I also got to visit one of my favorite cousins, Ereka, who also lives in St. George (Ereka-It was truly unforgettable. I will never see a rabbit or a golf course again without thinking of you..HAHAHA!). Any way, it was see you again Merrilee and we miss you already!


The Staley Family said...

June 1st...come on get going. And you have the nerve to call me and tell me to update my blog. Your a month behind me. Give us an UPDATE.
Love Ya.

The Staley Family said...

I needed to leave a comment to log on...don't ask Q's.